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Seeking All Types of Loans We Have It All

Personal Loan / Fast Cash Loan

In need of short term-long term repayment schemes for your personal needs? We have it all here accustomed to your requirement. Our Personal Loan range from any amount to a maximum of 4 times your monthly income. You can contact us to enquire about our special fast cash loan packages.

Business Loan

We are able to help you by providing immediate financial solutions for any of your business needs. Such as, for the purchase of raw materials, renovation of business space, or simply for additional cash flow, we are able to provide loans at competitive packages. The loan limit for a business loan is S$100,000.00 and you can expect the loan to be disbursed within the stipulated time once the application is approved.

Medical Loan

Dealing with medical problem is already a hassle. Let us worry for you in other way such as medical payments. We understand that insurance payout requires you to make the upfront payment first which may be an amount which one could not afford to produce within a day or two. So, seek help with AP Credit where we can settle all this hassle for you.

Education Loan

You may be planning to further your studies or to upgrade yourself through courses. We understand that education or courses can be a taxing commitment at this point of your life. That is why at AP Credit, we take pleasure in personalizing your education loan with an affordable repayment plan.

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